The following are the statistics as of April 2017:

The following numbers were obtained through our Client Survey Form which all participants fill out. These numbers are prior to obtaining long-term birth control through our program:

Total paid addicts/alcoholics - 6,801

  • white - 4,204
  • black - 1,377
  • hispanic - 736
  • other - 484
Type of birth control chosen
  • Tubal ligation - 2,170
  • implanon - 780
  • IUD - 2,542
  • Depo Provera - 1,059 (we no longer pay for this method - it is only included in the stats)
  • norplant - 38
  • vasectomy -250

We calculated number of pregnancies, abortions, stillborn, and children that died after birth for over 13 years. With nearly 5,000 abortions it is clear that abortion is used as a method of birth control. With nearly 800 stillborn births and nearly 500 infants living only a short time after birth it is clear that drugs and pregnancy should not mix.

With nearly 6,000 of our clients living children being in foster care or waiting to be adopted we realize just how difficult it is for an addict to get or stay clean long enough to reclaim their children. I guess what speaks the loudest to those willing to listen is that all of the above was preventable if only the addict had not given birth repeatedly which is why our offer is one huge solution to a very serious problem.